Thursday, April 7, 2011

Give Birth

To give birth need to be overcome in order to facilitate the delivery process, reducing morbidity and mortality of both mother and baby and for mother and baby free of a sense of depression.

The fix there are a few tips:
1. In the opening position of the birth canal position is recommended:
  • Stand behind a chair with a relaxed, and then put his hand on the back of the chair.
  • Stand facing the husband, wrap your arms on the neck of her husband, and husband and wife gently massage your back.
  • Lean casually back to your husband, wife and husband's face with a washcloth cools.
  • Relax with "menungging" position and lay his head on the pillow, then her husband gently rubbed on your back
2. Breathing Techniques
  • Inhale deeply and regularly through your nose and out through the nose.
  • At the peak of contraction, breathe with a mild and short.
  • If you want to push, pull a deep breath, hold it briefly and then straining like defecation.
  • When the contractions disappeared, take a breath and relax the body created.
3. On the expenditure infants, the recommended position is:
Lean back between the two knee husband. (position husband sat in the chair)

4. Wheelbarrow
  • Sit with "menungging" position, using hand and foot to "meyangga" body weight.
  • Bowed his head, stretched his legs and holds the lower end of the pushing.
  • Relaxed and lean body into the pillow when no contraction
  • Sit up straight when pushing.
5. Things not to do during labor:
  • Supine Position
  • Push before full opening of the birth canal (the pushing too early)
  • Straining with supine position
  • Straining to hold his breath longer.


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