Friday, February 24, 2012

Wear The Hijab By Face Shape

When you want to start wearing a veil, it never hurts to take the time to learn the shape of your face first. Such as makeup, how to use the veil can be used to correct deficiencies face shape.

Oval face
Oval is the ideal face shape. Characteristic length of the face of almost one and a half times the width of the face and the distance of the forehead, jaw, temples, long chin, cheeks, and everything looks in proportion. Owner of an oval face with all kinds of styles match wearing the headscarf, either embedded in the chin and the neck. They can also use different types of Ciput, both Ciput pet, bandanas, or Ciput arab.

Round and Square face face
Round face marked with the same relative ratio between the length of the width of the face. Besides the jaw bone is usually closed by a cheek. Square face has the same relative ratio between the length and width. It also marked with the same broad forehead with a wide jaw, and form a strong jaw.
Owner of the round and square face should wear a headscarf while embedded in the side of his chin and pulled forward, so a bit over the cheeks and jaw. Avoid wearing a headscarf or veil that covers the child's forehead because it will impress the shorter face.
Avoid wearing style veil pinned on the nape of the neck, because it will further demonstrate the cheeks or jaw. Ciput should wear a pet with a pet form of a rather wide and cover the ears so that the face is longer and oval impression.

Square face length and face
Long face long face character is more than one and a half times the width of the face. The width of the forehead is relatively equal to the width of the jaw. In addition it has a high forehead and long chin dominant. Characteristic triangular face with a face almost as long, only the owner of a triangular face has a wide forehead greater than the width of the jaw.
Owner of a long face should wear a veil or a triangle with the cheeks and jaw pulled back or pinned at the nape of the force to face a wider impression. Avoid wearing style that pulled to the front hood covering his cheeks and jaw as it would add to the impression of thin and long.
Children should wear a veil or scarf that covers the forehead so that the impression of length is reduced, and the face look more oval. When using Ciput pet use that has the size of a small pet and only reached the top of the ear so that the face is not seen grow thin.


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