Sunday, February 19, 2012

Soya Milk

Soya milk is one type of milk that is very popular among us. Soya milk is usually used as one type of alternative dairy cow's milk butter. This is because some types of cholesterol content found in cow's milk is not so in the need for adults. So that when the protein is still very necessary while the content of cholesterol should be avoided, then the soy milk is an appropriate solution.
Protein is the main component in soy dry. Whole soya beans contains 35-40% protein, the highest of all nuts. In terms of quality of soy protein is the best quality protein and fiber than meat protein. Protein from soya beans are the only nuts that have the essential amino acid composition of the most complete.

Status of soy milk will be increasingly important. This is because some of the advantages possessed by the soya milk, among them not contain lactose, protein does not cause allergies, low fat, cholesterol-free, highly nutritious, easier manufacturing techniques, production costs are also relatively inexpensive, and can be further processed into ice cream , soyghurt, mayonaisse, and others.
Some people often experience diarrhea after consuming dairy animals, this is due to the symptoms lactoseintolerance reduced activity of the enzyme lactase in the body so that one can not digest food lactosa (milk sugar) and then broken down into glucose and galactose. In contrast to the soy milk contain simple sugars glucose and galactose are very easily absorbed by the intestine and utilized for metabolic processes.

Besides these advantages, soy is perfect for maintaining a healthy body, especially for those of you who currently suffer from osteoporosis. Osteoporosis occurs due to the decline in production of the hormone estrogen as a result of the most common in menopausal women. Usually, hormone therapy is often done to resolve the issue. However, the use of these therapies have an impact is less favorable because of side effects, such as headache, depression, feeling like vomiting and worse still cause people to potential breast cancer and uterine cancer.
A more appropriate solution is using a more natural and safe is by consuming lots of soy because soy has estrogen-like compounds that naturally referred to as phytoestrogens and proven to inhibit the speed of osteoporosis. These compounds are the cause why Japanese women are very likely to consume soya products processed from such as tofu, natto, soy milk so that the arrival of menopause phase is slower and rarely have complaints menopause.
Quality of protein in soy milk is similar to cow's milk protein quality. Referring to the protein efficiency ratio (PER), soy milk is 2.3 whereas in cow's milk is the PER of 2.5. PER is 2.3 meaning that every gram of protein you eat will result in weight Agencies in experimental animals (white mice) was 2.3 g in the raw experimental conditions.
Soya milk contains no vitamin B12 and minerals, especially calcium content of less than cow's milk. Therefore recommended the addition of minerals and vitamins or fortified soya milk on. As for the carbohydrate component consists of classes of polysaccharides and oligosaccharides. And in general soy milk have vitamin B2, niacin B2, pyridoxine Vitamin E, Vitamin K and Vitamin group B. By looking at the many uses it has, soy milk can be used as a complementary alternative to our daily diet.


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