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Drugs are chemical substances which, when inserted into the human body, either orally or by mouth, inhaled or injection (intravenous) that can change minds, moods, or feelings and behavior. There are many types of substance and each substance has different effects for the body. The drugs commonly used for treatment and research. Drug abuse is the use of drugs and other dangerous substances with intent rather than for treatment or research purposes and are used without following the rules and the correct dose. The use of continuous and ongoing will lead to addiction or dependency.

There are many factors that encourage us to abusing drugs.
1. Individual Factors : Drug abuse is influenced by the state of mental, physical, and psychological one. Mental conditions such as personality disorders, depression, and mental disorders can increase one's propensity to abuse drugs.
Individual factors is generally determined by two aspects, namely:
  • Biological aspects: According Schuchettada, evidence suggests that genetic factors play a role in alcoholism and some forms of deviant behavior, including substance abuse.
  • Psychological Aspects: Most of the drug abuse starts in adolescence: Some of the characteristic development of adolescence is to encourage people to abuse drugs, namely: lack of self confidence, unable to resolve any problems encountered, trial and an opportunity to gain new experience all of it can cause a teenager falling into drug abuse.
There are 5 factors why a person can become drug users:
  1. The need to reduce frustration and aggressive drive and the inability to delay gratification.
  2. There is no clear sexual identification.
  3. Lack of awareness and efforts to achieve goals that can be socially acceptable.
  4. Using the grazing behavior to demonstrate the ability of self-harm.
  5. Pressing boredom.
2. Factors Drug / Substance
The presence of changes in value caused by the changing times in connection with the meaning and reasons for the use of substances psikoaktiva. Sleeping pills, for example, are now widely used without a prescription to help someone who have difficulty sleeping. Thus, those who do not use will experience strong social pressure (usually from peers) to try and wear them. The belief that the drug can help improve confidence and reduce the burden on the matter at hand. The nature of narcotic and psychotropic drug class is addiction and tolerance and circulation of more numerous and easily obtained.

3. Environmental Factors
a. Family Relationships: Usually harmonious family that does not have a problem with the abuse of drugs / substances, such as the mother is too dominant, overprotective, authoritarian father or indifferent to the family. Or parents who impose the will of the child that encourages children to escape into the wild dreams through medication. Poor quality of family relationships can lead to drug abuse / illicit substance increases. Drug abuse / illicit substances are also influenced by the habits of other family members, such as parents and brother who also use drugs / substances is prohibited.
b. Effect of Friend: Influence friend for the abuse of drugs / banned substances is very large. Punishment by a group of peers, especially excommunication for those who try to quit, feels heavier than the drug itself.

All drugs and substances can harm the body if consumed not by the rules of usage. How big is the effect on the body depending on the type of drugs used, how much and often use them, how to wear, and if used in conjunction with other drugs. Effects of drugs on the human body also depends on the various psychological factors, such as personality, expectations or feeling when wearing, and biological factors such as weight gain and allergic tendencies. Physiologically, the organs most affected are the central nervous system (CNS: brain and spinal cord), autonomic organs (heart, lung, liver, kidneys), the five senses because that is affected is the CNS.

The characteristics of people (teenagers) who do not use drugs:
  1. Physically and mentally healthy.
  2. Having good social adaptation skills.
  3. Has the nature of honest and responsible.
  4. Having ideals is rational.
  5. Can fill your free time positively.
Characteristics of people (teenagers) are potentially at risk of abusing drugs:
  1. Is easily frustrated and have to overcome the disappointment tends to aggressive and destructive / disruptive.
  2. If has an desire can not wait, should be met immediately.
  3. Often feel tired, depressed, moody, feel unable to do something useful in everyday life.
  4. Like looking for sensation, doing things that are dangerous or risky.
  5. There is no passion to succeed in education, employment, or other activities, poor academic achievement, participation in activities outside of school less, lack of exercise, and tend to overeat.
  6. Always inferior, always anxious, apathetic, withdrawn from society, depression, and less able to cope with stress.


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