Thursday, November 25, 2010

Tooth And Treatment

You feel your teeth are healthy enough, because you never feel toothache, or pain when eating foods that are cold or sweet. But it true that your teeth healthy? Not necessarily. If your teeth begin to turn yellow due to coffee habit, or gums look thinner, it was a sign you are also going through a serious dental problem. For that, consider the following practices to determine whether the health of your teeth is enough security.

1. Brushing your teeth too hard
Using a toothbrush with hard bristles, coupled with the pressure that is too strong when brushing your teeth, can damage the protective enamel of the tooth permanently. This has lead to sensitive teeth and tooth cavity and also causes the gums back (thinned). We recommend using a toothbrush with soft fur, then brush with a circular motion for 2 minutes, at least 2 times a day. Toothbrush with a slim head can move easily within the mouth is small, while the long handle of the brush is more able to reach the rear molars than short.

2. The wrong toothpaste
Do not immediately believe the toothpaste that claimed to contain a variety of useful materials. Some of the toothpaste, particularly those designed as "tartar control" can cause abrasion. Toothpaste containing rough granules can erode tooth enamel and cause gum thinning. Use toothpaste that contains fluoride.

3. Not using dental floss
Bacteria on the teeth can develop into plaque, the primary cause cavities and gum disease. Use dental floss 1 time a day to get rid of plaque.

4. Often drinking soft drinks
Soft drinks contain a lot fosforik acid, which over time can erode teeth. If you used to enjoy this drink, use a straw to minimize direct contact with gear fluid. Do not forget to brush your teeth afterwards.

5. Foods that leave stains
Tooth enamel is like a sponge. Food / drinks that leave stains on plates or cups, such as coffee, tea, drinks berkola, marinara sauce, or soy sauce, will also make the teeth gradually become yellow. Ask your dentist to perform laser whitening treatments, bleaching, or Prophy Power, a new procedure in which sodium bicarbonate (soft bleach) mixed with a strong blast of water to remove the stain without losing enamel. Toothpaste with a little bleach can indeed whiten teeth, but tend to be too sharp for the enamel.

6. Fond of snacking
Every time you eat something, especially a sweet or starchy, bacteria that normally live in the mouth will create an acid to break down food. However, these acids can also attack the teeth, causing tooth decay. Instead, choose fruits and vegetables are crisp (like apples or carrots), either as a side dish or as a snack. Dental health experts consider these foods as a natural toothbrush because of its effect on plaque-like detergents. Chewing sugarless gum like Xylitol also helps prevent cavities, by increasing the flow of saliva. Saliva flowing will repel the bacteria that cause cavities.

7. Using the teeth as tools
Open a bag of chips made of aluminum foil and loosen the knot using a tooth can cause tooth was cracked and broken, and damage to dental work is being done. Other Habits that damage the teeth is chewing ice cubes, chocolate that has been frozen, or candy.

8. Ignoring a dental problem
Bleeding gums, and who had chronic halitosis, is an indication of gum disease. To cope with bad breath, drink enough water to keep the mouth moist, and remove excess bacteria with pengerok tongue (many are sold in pharmacies). To prevent bleeding gums, brush your teeth regularly and using dental floss. Immediately to the doctor if not cured.

9. Avoiding the dentist
It is advisable to check the health of your teeth 2 times a year, but this suggestion seems likely to be ignored. In fact, if the gums have a problem, at least we have the control to the doctor every 3 months.

10. Ignoring lip
No matter how good the condition of your teeth, your smile will not look bright if allowed to dry lips and chapped. The skin on the lips, the thinner skin than others, tend to lose moisture and change with age. Using a moisturizing lip balm with every day would be very helpful.


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