Monday, October 25, 2010

Plants For Hair Loss Prevention

1. Fragrant pandan (Pandanus amaryllifolius Roxb)
Fragrance pandan is a tropical plant commonly found in coastal areas to a height of 80 m above sea level. Fragrant pandanus planted in the yard and garden, river, marsh edges and in places a bit damp. How to use: 10 young hibiscus leaves, leaf-aring urang, 5 pieces of leaf cup, 1 pandan leaves, 10 flowers rose jasmine and 1, washed and cut into pieces. Add oil sesame, coconut oil and hazelnut oil ½ cup each and then heated to boiling. After a cold and then filtered and applied to the entire scalp with a light massage. Do it at night before bed. The next morning washed hair. Do it 2-3 times a week.

2. Banana weevil (Musa paradisiaca L)
How to use: take the banana weevil to taste and chopped / grated and squeezed to take fluids, then the liquid used to moisten the scalp and hair with a light massage. Do it every morning. Cool head and hair will flourish. Tubers of all types of bananas can be used, except milk banana weevil.

3. Watermelon (Citrullus vulgaris Schrad)
These plants come from tropical and subtropical regions of Africa, planted in the yard / field as a crop of fruit. Watermelon-shaped ball through a round elongated, large varied with the length of 20-30 cm, 15-20 cm diameter and weighing from 40-20 pounds, the skin thick fleshy fruit, smooth, color variety: dark green, yellow, white or light green rather white striped. Flesh is red or yellow fruit. How to use: take part of the watermelon that white skin, then rub on your scalp evenly. Do it in the afternoon and left for 1 night so absorbed in the scalp. The next morning wash hair thoroughly. Do it 1-2 times a week.

4. Fruit Acids (Tamarindus indica L)
Many are planted as shade trees or as tree fruit, which fruit throughout the year. The fruit pod, light brown color, the acid is ripe, its skin removed so that the living flesh is golden brown, then made the dots so that the subsequent drying blackish brown. Fruit acids that have been cooked meat fruit, add a little water while knead. Then strain and rub into the entire scalp with a light massage. Take a few moments, then wash hair with shampoo.

5. Hibiscus flower (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis L)
Hibiscus flower is a flower that 1-4 m tall, branching, grows from the lowlands to the mountains. Hibiscus widely planted as an ornamental plant because it has a colorful flower. How to use: take a handful of flower petals and white shoes and wash and then milled until smooth. Mix with 100 cc of clean water while knead. Then squeeze and strain. Feelings of water used to moisten the scalp and hair with a light massage. Let soak for 1 hour, then rinse hair with fresh water. Do it every day until you see the results.

6. Radish (Raphanus sativus L)
Many are planted in fields and rice paddies, is a seasonal crops which ranged 50-100 cm tall. Trunk erect and soft. Leaves single, oval form, jagged edges, the tip and the base rompang, petiole flattened, it's green. The fruit is oval, long, after the old brown color, containing 6-12 seeds. Riding roots are transformed into the tuber. The color is greenish white. The shape is cylindrical, straight or slightly curved, diameter of 3.5 cm in the middle, its surface smooth. When the radish root split, the inside is white. The way of use; roots are washed and shredded radish. Feelings of water used to wet her bald scalp is massaged lightly. Do it every day until visible results.

7. Leaf Bowl (Nothopanax scutellarium Merr)
Leaves bowl can usually be found as a wild, planted as an ornamental plant, as well as the plant fence. This plant grows upright and has reached 3 m high, leaves thick, grooved spherical shape like a bowl. Its processing mode: take the old leaves and fresh washed sheets 5-10 and then finely ground. Add a little coconut oil while stirring until a dough like mush. Strain and squeeze, then apply on the scalp with a light massage. After evenly, cover head with a towel until you feel the heat as it works to moisturize the scalp and hair. Leave for 1 hour new hair washed with warm water. Wash your hair with cold water until clean. Do it 2-3 times a week.


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